A Sourdough Story

I just started a San Francisco sourdough starter from sourdoughbreads.com. Plus have recipes for lots of sourdough baked goods. Follow along – and if you are local (or planning on staying at The Lodge)  I am sure to have extra starter if you want to try!

3/3/2012   Must have been good , they asked for them again.  Hot skillet, a little butter, a scoop of sourdough right out of the active starter, turn over, turn out onto the pan and fill with bananas and a bit of real whipped cream – drizzle with chocolate.  Now that is a breakfast – and easy on the stomach!

3/2/2012    My kids are requesting crepes – I respond with sourdough crepes!

2/12   Trying my first loaf of sourdough bread.  Just for fun I have one in a bread machine and one loaf will be baked on a hearth stone in my convection oven – we will see…

I am trying a lower gluten diet – never thought I would say that but I think it makes me sleepy.. so I just watched a video on a donut recipe – he says 1/2 a cup mashed potato if the secret ingredient – what he DOESN’T say is that a sourdough batter – then made in coconut oil – might be worth a bit of indulgence..

I see an awful lot of sourdough recipes with LOTS of variations – I’ll post the ones that work best for me.

1/26/2012  Just tried making Sourdough Naan!  Respectable for the first try!  Even made some with cinnamon along with the plain. Tried butter and coconut oil, plus used fresh ground gluten free flours like quinoa to roll it.

2/10  Sourdough orange muffins, wonderful milk, great eggs, and a coupe drops of tangerine essential oil – wish you could smell them!!

2/2  Sourdough pancakes – Yum!





3 comments on “A Sourdough Story

  1. Sourdough is definitely the way to go. My grandmother made doughnuts with mashed potato, now that you remind me of it. She also fried them in lard – and being Norwegian, they were dunked into coffee – or to my “soft coffee” of milk with a tsp. of coffee in it. YUM! I haven’t been able to recreate those cake donuts to this day.

  2. I have made sourdough English muffins twice now from the recipe at this link:
    Mine look much like the ones in the picture and are very, very tasty. She’s right about the recipe being really flexible; I use Farmer Ground Half & Half flour that I get from Mtn. Lakes Wholeshare Food Online.

    I have a 4-circle muffin maker for my griddle but they turn out almost as good w/o it. I know this because the recipe is perfect for 8 nice muffins – so half were shaped, risen & cooked w/o the rings. I’ll be making them again in a day or so – this time I plan to use the 4 rings and roll the other 4 into tubular shapes because I’ve decided that they’ll make terrific hotdog buns, too.

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