Try Cultures – for Health

An interesting “other name” for bacteria …..  Cultures!  But do you know that they outnumber body cells by 10:1

What do you think of first when you hear the word – bacteria ??  Yuk right? We are led to believe that bacteria are bad – that they cause disease, that we need to sanitize.  We need to redefine our thinking – for the most part these bacteria we are talking about here are GOOD bacteria. And …. we need to nurture them.

“All the bacteria living inside you would fill a half-gallon jug; there are 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells, according to Carolyn Bohach, a microbiologist at the University of Idaho (U.I.), along with other estimates from scientific studies. (Despite their vast numbers, bacteria don’t take up that much space because bacteria are far smaller than human cells.) Although that sounds pretty gross, it’s actually a very good thing.”   This paragraph that you just read is an excerpt from a Scientific America article .  The article is not too long and is worth reading

From what I understand we live in dimensions 3-5 for the most part.  Bacteria are, in a simple way, the second dimension (read The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow).  So maybe just maybe these tiny bacteria give us the fundamentals of life for a physical form. Umm, maybe we should pay attention to the FUNdamentals!

The bacteria in our gut relate to our immune system. “Further, probiotics—dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial microbes—have been shown to boost immunity. Not only do gut bacteria “help protect against other disease-causing bacteria that might come from your food and water,” Huffnagle says, “they truly represent another arm of the immune system.”” (reference the article above)

Make your dietary supplements consist of foods you make, not pills you swallow..

You recognize yogurt. But do you know about dairy kefir, japanese water crystals or kombucha? Do you know what real sourdough is all about? Do you know that condiments like ketchup and mustard used to be cultured and that they used to help us digest the hamburger that we put it on?

Did you know that the origins of the kefir grain is a mystery?  And that it can not be duplicated in a lab!  I think it truly nourishes the depths of your soul at a level of origins of your cells.

Join me for a “You Need to Get Cultured – for Health”  class onsite and online.  We can share cultures, ideas and techniques.


One comment on “Try Cultures – for Health

  1. Cathy – thanks so much for this link. What a treasure trove of information on all different cultures to choose from. I’m enthused to try the Buttermilk – I’ll let the folks know here how it turns out. Lynn

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