Consumers will control the Sustainable Food Movement



Local is the new Organic


“A sustainable organic agriculture must meet the needs of the present

without diminishing opportunities for the future.”

John E. Ikerd, PhD, Univ. MO Columbia, sustainability advocate, author 



As consumers driving the sustainable food movement, we seek relationships with farmers and cooperatives we can trust.  Honesty, fairness, and responsibility define the principle of trust. We must depend upon farmers to treat us, their customers, with honesty and fairness, and we must continue to trust them to be the responsible stewards of the land they have proven themselves to be. Such farmers need us as dependable customers who agree to pay a fair price for their honest return in clean food, both socially and economically.


Hope for small farms rests in continuing involvement with the sustainable agriculture movement. The movement includes farmers who call themselves organic, ecological, biodynamic, holistic, practical, innovative, or just plain family farmers. They all share a common commitment to balancing the ecological, social, and economic aspects of farming to move toward sustainability. These thoughtful, caring farmers are proving a sustainable agriculture is possible, even though it most certainly will not be easily or quickly achieved.


Change is no longer optional; it is a necessity. The necessity for change creates an opportunity to build a new and better food system for the future – one person at a time.  The sustainable food movement is at least as advanced today as the industrial food economy was fifty years ago. There is every reason to expect the movement will continue until it becomes the new mainstream American food system – and the change will take place one consumer, one retailer, one farmer, and one voter at a time.  We can change the markets for food and we can change farm and food policies – one person at a time by broadly supporting sustainable lifestyles across the board.


Wholeshare Online Food members’ purchases meet the criteria of supporting broad sustainability in New York state because we buy directly from suppliers with one warehouse intermediary and shared transport costs.  With group cooperative buying, we do our part for a fundamentally better future for anyone who appreciates clean, fairly-priced food with a more complete contribution to true sustainability.


Local food in its highest expression restores trust to the food system, and this includes organics

Start today at Wholeshare Online Food.


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