Why Buying Organic is Not Enough to Support Sustainability


By Lynn Cameron

There is an Organic Constellation of Values that identifies 23 characteristics of organic food production.

  • Just one-third of these are clearly included in the “national standards for organic food”.
  • A third of the values traditionally associated with organic farming are not addressed by NOFA
  • Organic standards leave out the critical social and ethical values that are essential for agricultural sustainability.
  • Organic designation is no longer the guarantee it once was.

 Any element of true economic competition the farming community retains is rapidly disappearing even in farm-level markets.  Large corporate processors and retailers dominate the entire vertical food supply chain, from retailing to agricultural production, and this is increasingly the case for the organic food market as well as conventional food markets.  The economic power in the American food system has been shifted from consumers to multinational corporate stockholders.


Keys to Sustainable Success:

·         Form and maintain a meaningful sense of personal connectedness among people with shared ethical values – specifically the shared commitment to sustainability we wish to establish with the farm suppliers.

·         Modern communication and information systems enables simple streamlined conversation to develop the honesty, fairness, responsibility, compassion, and respect required to maintain a sustainable food system countrywide. 

·         Identify farmer suppliers, and be sure the majority of goods are directly traceable to pure sources either onsite or through supplier websites.

·         Offer information and food preparation instruction regularly and as requested.

·         Let your food have the face of a real farmer


Wholeshare Online Food buying directly saves on many levels.


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