Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils – A Cooking Class Wed July 24th 10AM


Want to know how to use your fresh or dried herbs?

Want to see and smell some spices that you might not be using?  Like healthy tumeric and cumin?

Want to learn about using essential oils in cooking?  And how just a drop of black pepper oil can give a stew or soup a unique earthy flavor?  Or how a drop of basil bumps a tomato soup?

July 24th 10AM       Come for 2 hours of fun  $29.00, includes free mini workshop : Intro to Nourishing Food Traditions.  Includes recipes and handouts.   Groups of 4 or more $20.00 each

All organic Lunch optional 12:00 PM    $20.00  pp       or  Order a picnic basket to take to the lake

essential oils cooking

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