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Tierra Farm, one of Mtn. Lake Wholeshare’s four wholesalers, has so many great things going for it that it’s hard to write briefly about these dedicated folks and their over 200 products.
  • They live their motto “Keepin’ it Real” by making everything they sell from wholly organic nuts, seeds, coffee, chocolate, fruits, and trail mixes.  All nut roasting is done in a certified peanut-free facility.
  • Since they compromise on nothing you can count on absolutely ALL of their ingredients being free of the dreaded GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – an issue of increasing importance.
  • Their recipes are made to order in small batches, so the taste, freshness and nutrient-density remains high.  You can taste it in their creations because the nuts, seeds & butters have not a hint of rancidity so that the volatile fatty acid nutriment they contain remains intact and perfect for human nutrition.
  • Their tropical products coffee and chocolate are ‘Certified Free Trade’, and they also carry an ‘Earth Kosher’ designation.
  • Nearly 3/4 of Tierra Farm’s power needs are solar generated and the company maintains a 60% recycling rate.
  • This employee-owned company in Upstate New York also runs a growing retail store near Albany, and they bulk ship free (to Eastern USA) w/ orders of $350.+

Mountain Lake Wholeshare Online meets wholesale requirements to order from Tierra Farms several times a month.  There’s an order closing Thursday, 21 Nov.; membership is free.  NOW is the time to get in on some true goodies for upcoming family feasts and holiday gift baskets – all at wholesale prices.  A short list of our personal favorites:  chocolate-covered EVERYTHING; dry-roasted nuts; white Turkish figs; pitted prunes; currents; triple berry granola; half-decaf coffee beans; spicy pistachios.


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