An Extra Special Quality of Food Cultures

Loving Your Cultures

I love my cultures and microbes that kick around my kitchen. In fact, I have gotten so used to them being around I made them a special cabinet. I called a friend the other day and told her that there was something about them I could not explain, it was just a feeling that I got when I was kneading my sourdough bread – now I know what! I even wrote this article years ago, only to modify it and reprint it. However many months later – I can “explain” what I “knew” then.

You may be familiar with some of the different style of “cultures” and creatures….

I “brew” water kefir, dairy kefir, ginger bug and kombucha and keep an active sourdough.  I make cultured veggies and the true cultured saurkraut. There is even more you can do with dairy and even more kinds of beverage cultures that I have not tried yet. When I started out I could pretty much only keep a couple at a time. You have to feed them and take care of them – at somewhat even intervals and they are all different. It is like having 5 fish tanks, all with different fish! But – it is so worth it!

Lets drop back a bit. If you have not tried culturing yet – you are literally in for a treat. If you have, this can move you to a slightly different level, if you have not “gotten it” already.  For a beginners article on culturing, and the why’s and where to start then read this article  – Making Local Foods Superfoods. 

So now I am even more “fired up” about cultured foods and As of this writing I am writing a series of culturing for health, so follow along if you would like to learn. Your family, your home and even your garden will thank you for taking the time – oh, and me too!

The punch line here?  Aside from helping our immune system, lining our guts with a protective layer etc etc etc … these “back to the source” little microbes are just that – a form of back to the source energy.  Probiotics are said to be able to contain ORMUS, something not easily defined and sometimes akin to magic.  Here is an excerpt from an interview on the potential of ORMUS with David Wolfe, since I just finished his Raw Food Certification course – it’s great to put that here.  And a link to more info about ORMUS energy and others that help us detox our bodies and our places in the world. 

And if you aren’t into all that – just try some veggies or beverages and see how good they make you feel.  I feel that they reconnect us to a part of nature that assists our healing, and science is there to back that up on many levels.

Happy Culturing!




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