The 10 things I just did with my bone stock

It is EXTRA important to have these days and WAY cost effective!

With foods getting more expensive – you really need to make this – alot!.  It is good for so many things – like your senior Mom and Dad, like your youngsters, like you and like your neighbor who is recovering from a broken bone and surgery.

See here for the long version of the MANY benefits of bone broth

It’s simple to make, nutritious to the max and costs pennies.

So, like I said, I just made a big pot of bone broth – it simmered most of the day, all on its own, I didn’t have to do much at all. I mostly ignored it. I meant to put some celery and veggie scraps in – but I never got to it – no big deal.

Bones, good water, a splash of vinegar to pull the minerals out of the bone – cause that is one of the things I am after in doing this – the minerals I mean.

Here’s the 10 things I did with it….

1) I immediately took a cup and heated it with a clove of garlic – my tonic while I was making dinner

2) My son wanted a snack so I took a ladle full, added some leftover macaroni and gave it to him in a big mug (shhhh healthy appetizer before dinner – and digestion of dinner will be assisted too!)

3) I made rice for dinner two ways:

3a) I made white rice for myself and the kids, I added broth and water to cook it in – more nutritious rice. We will eat some tonight, the kids will make sushi tomorrow – nutrient, mineral rich rice! so even lunch is bumped with nutrition already.

3b) My husband would rather have spanish rice, rice made with spices and tomatoe sauce.  I added broth to that rice as well

4) while i was at it I took out another pot, added spices, tomatoe paste, tomatoe sauce and broth to the make spaghetti sauce – tomorrow we’ll have spaghetti and the sauce is already on its way to being super nutritious.

5) I gave a quart to my employee, his girlfriend just had her ankle operated on – soothing to the stomach, full of nutrition and healing to the ankle. He was going to make burgers, but decided that burger soup with this broth would be really good instead.

6) I froze a few cups of broth in a solid block, to pull out later for a beef stew.

7) A few more cups were frozen, to sell in our Old World Kitchen store so that others that don’t have access at the moment to our great organic, pastured beef bones or don’t want to make broth – can buy it here and have it in your own kitchen.

8) Hmm – oh yea – soup – any soup – tomorrow I will make soup

9) I froze some in ice cube trays – to take out and make a cup a stock or add to anything else that needs beef flavor and nutrition

10) After using most of the stock I added more water, because all the goodness is nowhere near out of all my big bones still in the pot.  It will go in my crock pot overnight with veggies pieces, and bay leaf-  if I remember!


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