About the Old World Kitchen

The Old World Kitchen offers locally inspired foods, cooked with Old World preparations.

Good foods like bone broth stocks, cultured foods, sourdough breads…

These foods and more are what nature intended for our bodies.

It’s the foods that feel good!

Consciously prepared foods – for mind, body and soul…

Come have dinner with us, buy products in our store or join in a cooking class and learn to make these foods at home.

Call Chef Cathy  518 891 1489  or email  adkevents@live.com



2 comments on “About the Old World Kitchen

  1. Dear Cathy, I hope you can remember us; my husband Bryon and I had the pleasure of staying at your Lodge back in the fall. Our intention was to bring our family for a Christmas sleigh ride and share the beautiful setting and food of your home. I think I had mentioned at the time that our daughter was expecting; she had contractions for a couple of month ahead of schedule so we held off on the ride. She did end up having the baby a month early and after a week in the NICU he came home and is well. We so enjoyed our visit and we will see you in the future. You have inspired me to continue on my quest of eating “real” and thank you for your amazing website. Enjoy spring!!
    The best to you and your family,

    • Hello – just saw you post, thanks for connecting
      I hope all is well and I so very much appreciate the comments
      Spring has ONLY finally sprung here, ice just went out a few days ago. We will be having sleigh rides again – but hope to see you before that!

      Cathy and family

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