10 Reasons Why We “Get it Right” on Thanksgiving – free lessons for a wise Christmas and beyond

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What are 10 Things we generally “GET RIGHT” at Thanksgiving time!!

#1 We intend to remember to be Thankful for all we have!

#1 repeat – We intend to remember to be Thankful for all we have!

#2 We use the turkey drippings to make a healthy “bone broth” gravy

#3 We use the leftover turkey carcass to make bone broth soup

#4 We take advantage of the healthy cranberry. Wise cranberry sauce includes gogi berries too.

#5 We remember that the CONDIMENT TRAY used to be an important part of a meal – but most of us dont know how to prepare it so that we get the REAL benefits from it.

#6 The traditional gelatin dish !  If you still have this as part of your “traditional” dinner, this also has an extremely healthy part of your dinner – or any meal or snack. I use to go to a friends house when I was little and she always had a gelatin “salad” at Thanksgiving.

#7 We make use of healthy root vegetables.

#8 We use alot of colorful foods for this meal. A variety of colors means a variety of nutrients.

#9 A great Thanksgiving table will use cultured dairy. An awesome meal will have cultured beverages too.

#10 Even desserts have a healthy component : we use pumpkin and apples and even lots of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger.  Nuts are used alot but most of us were never taught how to prepare these in a healthy way.

Its not often that we get our Family together to share a meal! Why not make your next holiday meal together extra special and nutritious !

I will be offering a series of posts on how to make your next meal “extraordinarily nutritious”.

Follow along the preparations of ONE meal and learn WHY Old World preparations are the most nutritious.

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Sustainability in agriculture is crucial for the future not just because it is a set of best food management practices that minimize the negative ecological and social impacts of industrial agriculture. It is about creating a fundamental different paradigm for agriculture.

  • It relies on nature’s principles of holism, diversity, and interdependence to achieve productivity rather than the industrial strategies of specialization, standardization, and consolidation of control.
  • It arises from a fundamentally different worldview: Farms and communities are treated as living organisms rather than inanimate mechanism.
  • Benefits must be shared fairly and equitably among consumers, retailers, processors, farmers, and anyone else involved in the collaboration. 
  • Food systems, organic or otherwise, that lack cooperative social and ethical characteristics will not be sustainable in the future as much study has confirmed.
  • The economic incentive to ignore social and ethical values practiced by industrialized agriculture cannot help but extract and exploit in order to achieve greater economic efficiency. Thus, the sustainability of profits for farmers in cooperative chains like regional buying clubs depends on maintaining the social and ethical integrity of relationships among those at all levels in the food value chain, from producer to consumer.  

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