Be sure to put Butter in your Tea and Coffee (with the why you may want to try this included)

Why might you ask – should I put butter in my coffee or tea?

Well I certainly didn’t think it up.  Nor am I taking the time to pass it along for no good reason.

But WOULD have thought of it – eventually….I love butter and coconut oil and have been eating alot lately (and finally losing weight I might add) and love the many benefits they give you, so when I listened to Dave Asprey talk about his “IQ improving coffee recipe ” taken from a Tibetan Butter tea recipe – my ears perked up.

It is said that nomads often drink up to 40 cups of Butter Tea a day and I mean – if it is good enough for the monks….why not me??


It is said to:

1. Give you that morning energy without the crash

2. Provide Healthy fats that you probably don’t get otherwise

3. Prolong the fat burning stage that your body goes through in the AM

More Specific Benefits?

I can list them – but Dave says it better

Here’s the original recipe – I think this is fairly new – but I am seeing all sorts of recipes out there, both for the coffee and the tea – and the ingredients are NOT created equal . . ..  and that is the whole point!  If you want the REAL benefits from this, spend the extra cents on the actual high end ingredients. Otherwise you get coffee beans with mold in them, butter that has less value (no way should you ever use margarine) and you really want raw milk butter.

Here is Dave’s recipe pdf – I recommend that you print it out.

Click to access BulletproofRecipeCard_Winter2013.pdf

And I also show the basic recipe here

Brew coffee

To a cup of coffee : Add 1-2 T of grassfed butter and 1-2 T of coconut oil (or MCT oil*)

Blend for 20 seconds unless you want to add a couple more things that I do.

For me – I still like a little cream too AND I add a shake of gelatin** – OK – I was not going to admit this but I allow myself a bit of sugar in my coffee.  I could recommend stevia or even maple syrup if you need a little sweetener.  I can say I find that I really need much less sweetner now…

If any of you know me very well you know I love promoting the benefits of bone broths. And this gelatin is a close second without simmering bones for days.  So I get a kick of unflavored gelatin in my coffee too.

now  ENJOY!!!

I actually think that regular coffee is now thin and lacking, so watch out, you may get hooked.

*  MCT oil   this is an oil extracted from coconut oil

**  Great Lakes gelatin, the green can  or buy this at my store Old World Eatery

Tibetan Butter tea is traditionally made with yak milk and butter made from Yaks— um – well – go ahead if you can get it!  But do try to use the best butter you can get at the moment.

You can actually get this locally at a great restaurant in Plattsburgh,NY. The Himalayan Restaurant has it on their menu. They warn that it is an acquired taste.  But I argue that it is a healthy, educated taste.

How to make Tibetan Butter Tea

Boil 4 cups of water, add 2 (black ) tea bags and turn off heat to let it steep 5 minutes or so. Many recipes say to boil your tea but I thought you were not supposed to do that with tea so I just let it steep til its good and strong.

Take the tea bags / strain the leaves out

Add 1/4 t Himalayan salt

Add 1/4 cup half and half to your tea

Churn, whip, or blend (take your pick) the tea with the butter

Pour into your cup and enjoy.

If you try either of them, let me know what you think.

Another confession – I even add high quality chocolate powder and the superfood Maca most of the time to the coffee recipe above.