Free gluten e Summit Nov 11-13, 2013

what is the big deal gluten              Has the word gluten been invading your life?

It certainly has been in mine!  As most of you know, I cook for the public and it can be a challenge sometimes.
I know all of you may not deal with food directly – but this seems to be a hot health issue – so if you had not seen it – I just wanted you to know about the free Gluten e- summit starting November 11th.
They say they have some of the top experts presenting info – you can listen in when you get a few minutes, or can listen to a particular lecture that you might be interested in. They have a two day schedule of speakers.
I am not sure that all gluten in itself is bad?
And I know that traditional healthy populations have used REAL sourdoughs for centuries – to help break down gluten before we eat it – processed breads and yeast breads don’t do that!!
We have forgotten why and how to do that.  Part of my traditional food series will cover this process.  And why – if you love your breads and cakes – there is a process that you can re- learn –  to minimize the gluten’s “effects” and still enjoy bread style products.
I am awaiting to see what they say in the summit – as I enjoy a real piece of real sourdough bread with wonderful “grassfed” butter from a local farm!
Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, OTR