How to Make Homemade Apple Strudel – a video

Coming to dinner ??      This may happen!

dining family

The other night a family who comes every winter was having dinner.  They come for a winter Family getaway – usually about a dozen of them.  They rent our Lakehouse for the weekend, have a lantern lit sleigh ride and generally take a few days to enjoy an Adirondack Winter.

So – at dinner – actually at dessert time – one of the teenagers asked his mom how to  make strudel …he was eating a wild blueberry strudel accented with a little marzipan!

So here is what happened the next night.

We had an impromptu cooking demo and I showed him how to make an easy strudel at home

Click here to see the easy way to make a homemade Strudel

I brought out the ingredients just as they were starting dinner and with his help, I created an apple strudel , with some variations,  just for fun.   The strudel was wrapped and it went directly to the oven – and the Family enjoyed the strudel for dessert!

How fun – thanks for asking Hunter!   Now go make a strudel!  I hear the blueberry is your favorite!