Beyond organic produce available – preorder by Wed PM for pickup 10/23/14


This will be the 4th season that Barbara and Timothy Martin will supply most of the root crops that I put-by for my 40th Winter isolated on an Adirondack lake.

This week I will drive to their farm for autumn produce. Their vegetables are beyond mere organic. Their root vegetables come on later and with slow ripening that seems to help elevate the sugars (brix) responsible for their delectable taste.

Accordingly their bio-dynamic methods yield products of exceptional keeping qualities; soil tilth and quality are cumulative and does not happen in just a single season.

Stored properly, carrots from their small farm kept well into March, crisp and sweet . . . for those who purchased enough of them. This reflects their high brix value – superior flavor is the value added.

See MORE about why BRIX is important

PRE-ORDER Before Thursday 10/22 :Here  and see more items  here  from the Old World Kitchen Store

Or email your order to

Lynn plans to travel to the farm on Thursday, 10/22/14. Choose from their list below and email me your selections – 20 lb. minimum.

Remember that high brix food weighs more due to the weight of the minerals (already chelated) contained in their sweet juices. Mix and Match from the list here.


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